Makers of Flagship Product Lectora®, Trivantis Announces Addition of Responsive Course Design™ to Lectora®


The makers of Lectora® and CourseMill®, Trivantis®, launched its flagship Responsive Course Design™ (RCD) as an addition to the next desktop version of Lectora.

“Responsive Course Design enables users to develop new titles and modify existing ones for the best viewing experience across all devices and orientations,” said John Blackmon, Chief Officer at Trivantis. “It’s a multi-device world we live in, and Trivantis is bringing you the tools you need to produce eLearning content for all of them. With Lectora, you can truly publish once and distribute everywhere.”

In a bold move, Trivantis invited beta testers to test Responsive Course Design within Lectora. Beta testers have highly rated Responsive Course Design for its path breaking capabilities in the field of elearning design. Lectora is widely appreciated as a highly user-friendly authoring tool. Now with Responsive Course Design in its kitty, designing responsive mobile for multiple devices suddenly becomes much easier for developers.

There are several rapid elearning authoring tools out there in the market. Some the best tools known so far are Articulate Storyline™ and Adobe Captivate™. These tools offer unique capabilities of designing elearning courses in much lesser time and cost.

The upcoming Lectora 16 release is geared to stir a larger market space with Responsive Course Design added to its basket. Elearning developers are keen to see how this impacts the online learning marketplace.

Trivantis, Lectora, and CourseMill are registered trademarks of Trivantis. Responsive Course Design is a trademark of Trivantis Corporation.

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