Learning! 100 Awards 2016-By Elearning! Media Group


Elearning! Magazine, the publishing division of Elearning! Media Group is the new face of advocacy for the enterprise learning market. What makes Elearning! Magazine standout, is its unique value proposition of publishing its content under Creative Commons copyright (with no derivatives).

Learning! 100 Awards, the flagship award program of Elearning! Magazine again takes a never-before approach to selection and recognition of the top elearning companies, private and public both. In a market, where 60% of advocacy of managed by only 4-6 publihsing and media groups, online referral, advertising, and sponsorship are the key drivers for any elearning media and publishing company.

The Elearning! Media Group has brought a new wave of research and recognition programs which is derived from actual research and participation. On 12th May 2016, the Elearning! Media Group announced the Learning! 100 top learning organizations for 2016. The Learning! 100 awards are comprised of 60 corporate enterprises and 40 public sector organizations. All carefully researched upon and invited to participate in the award nominations.

The 2016 honorees includes respected organizations such as American Heart Association, Cisco, Khan Academy, US Air Force, and more. Interestingly, the Learning! 100 top learning organizations for 2016 is seen to recognize highly innovative startups like Forward Eye. Forward Eye is an agile and high-on-innovation elearning provider that offers a totally disruptive approach to learning and development. For example, a rather unique perspective of delivering cross-pollinized experiences derived from the CLO-CMO-CTO trio. More like the way Forward Eye puts it across, The CLO-CMO-CTO Round Table.

About Elearning! Media Group
Elearning! Media Group, owned by B2B Media Group, LLC, consists of 12 media products.  Elearning! Media Group serves the $225 billion enterprise learning market. More information can found online at: http://www.2elearning.com.