GP Strategies And Bloomfire Enter Global Partnership


Bloomfire and GP Strategies Corporation entered a global partnership agreement last week. This partnership is to promote Bloomfire’s cloud-based knowledge management system to organizations across the world. This partnership stands unique as the entire learning and development waits to see how this could impact the competitive market.

As GP Strategies becomes a Bloomfire Global Partner Program, Bloomfire’s expansion beyond North America is considered a strategic goal.

As read on Bloomfire’s announcement, Trey Tramonte, President and CEO of Bloomfire, said, “GP Strategies has demonstrated its leadership in the training industry through more than 40 years of solving organizations’ business challenges and helping them attain ultimate performance results. This partnership with such a respected training company significantly expands Bloomfire’s global footprint through multiple industries. Our joint solution is a perfect combination of GP Strategies’ robust training services and Bloomfire’s social knowledge network software, helping organizations provide their employees a full learning suite in a collaborative, intuitive environment.”

Bloomfire is a computer software company based in Austin, Texas. Bloomfire offers cloud-based knowledge management platforms that aim to increase virtual knowledge-and-information-sharing in the workplace. To go to Bloomfire’s website, click here.

GP Strategies Corporation is a global performance improvement company and a leader in sales and technical training, e-learning solutions, management consulting, and engineering services. To learn more about the company, click here.