Docebo Learning Management System Adds Value To Thomson Reuters


Thomson Reuters, is using the Docebo Cloud SaaS-based e-learning solutions platform to train and develop its IP & Science division’s global sales team. Implemented in  September 2014, the Docebo learning management system at Thomson Reuters now delivers learning materials to over 300 members of Thomson Reuters’ global salesforce, located on six continents.

“Thanks to the Docebo LMS, key information is now getting to everyone at the same time – and, though quizzing and knowledge checks, we can be sure that our team understands the information they’re receiving,” said Erica LeBlanc, the division’s Operations Development Manager.

About Docebo:

Docebo is a pure Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) that over 28,000 organizations have used globally since 2005. Sold in over 70 countries worldwide and available in over 30 languages, Docebo truly exemplifies internationalization. For more information, visit